Attention Grocery Over Spenders! {Also Known As Mommies of Children Who Eat Food And Use Too Much Toilet Paper!}


Wouldn't it be nice to have a Fridge Full of FRESH & HEALTHY Groceries that you got for Pennies on the Dollar?!  

Do you cringe when you are about to pay for your groceries because you know the total is going to be high (again!)?
If you're like most, the idea of spending close to nothing on your groceries sounds far-fetched.
How can you possibly find the time, the deals, the coupons, AND still have time to run your busy life?
I too struggled with this until I figured out an easy system for saving extreme money without wasting precious time. One that seamlessly integrates with my normal weekly activities!
Since 2009, I've taught thousands how to FINALLY stop overspending and easily get more for their money!
Imagine the relieving feeling of having a FULL pantry and refridgerator, PLUS having money left over for the fun things in life! 

Hi There, I'm Kati Kiefer!

When my husband, James, got a large pay cut in 2009, we were faced with a sad decision: we didn't have enough money to pay our mortgage AND buy groceries.

Thankfully, I was an accountant before I was a Mom (which means I love math), so I set out, determined, to learn how to use coupons to pay for the products we needed, instead of our own money (that we didn't have).


Our grocery budget went from $600 per month down to only $200! Per Month!

Heck, I could spend $200 in ONE trip to Costco!
Could this process be true?!
Would it last?!

That's when I started sharing my knowledge with friends and teaching my system at live workshops. I also started a money saving website, And now, I've successfully taught hundreds of thousands of people how to quickly and easily save a LOT of money.

But that is not how the story ends.

Our children kept growing, currently (2017), we have a 17 yo daughter and three boys ages 15, 13 and 11... so they EAT quite a bit of food, plus we have them actively involved in sports.

I had to learn how to continue to maximize my savings while NOT spending a lot of time doing so.
{I wanted to be cheering at all my children's sporting events!!}

So I figured out how to streamline my process to SAVE TIME while continuing to SAVE MONEY.

My process is so good (and simple to repeat), that each Sunday I share two tips with millions of viewers on our local Fox TV station. But in this course, you have access to ALL my money saving strategies, which will ensure you are saving time WHILE saving money.

I created this course because I simply can't handle all the requests from people wanting to learn my money saving tricks. This allows everyone to learn at their own pace, in their own living room! And it is interactive, so I answer questions about your personal situation, right in the comments!

What You Get When You Purchase This Course:

When you purchase this course, you'll get immediate access to all of the following:
  • High-Quality Video Training Lessons - It feels like you are in my living room and I'm sharing with my best friend all my secret tricks for how I save so much money. You can watch the videos in bite-size chunks OR you'll be able to get through every lesson in one afternoon. Plus, you have unlimited access, so you can watch them as many times as you'd like.
  • Access from Anywhere - The course is hosted on a private website that you can access from any computer or mobile device. You can watch it on the go on your phone, or from your computer.
  • The True Way To Coupon Workbook - This comprehensive and downloadable workbook will solidify the concepts presented in the videos. Plus, clarify items with solid examples as you watch each lesson.
  • Personal Interaction - Below each video you can comment and ask questions pertaining to your specific families needs. I'll even map out the best order to buy things if you tell me what you are shopping for!
  • Printable Worksheets - Sometimes we just need that helping hand to walk us step-by-step and keep us motivated to follow through. I do that with cheat sheets that make you feel like you know the answer before you've even begun. These connect the missing dots you may have wondered about!
  • Additional Links & Resources - I don't hold back any secrets. I share my sources for certain items and tricks to save time while you are saving money. You might find yourself saying: "Aha! So that's where you find that..."  
  • BONUS #1 - Lifetime Course Access. Yes, that means forever. As I add new videos and downloads to the course, you will continue to have access to ALL the new content and ALL the updates too. Begin the course at anytime, and go at your own pace! 
  • BONUS #2 - I will mail you two super fun tools for FREE: A Coupon Cutter and Date Stickers to save you time and keep you organized with virutally no effort!

A Few Benefits From Learning My Strategies:

You'll learn exactly how to find the ethical {usually hidden} deals that actually make you money which means grocery stores are PAYING YOU to shop. And you'll be able to identify the regular rhythm each time these "Money Maker" Deals pop up! 

There is nothing more exhilarating than clipping a tiny piece of paper and watching IT pay INSTEAD of your own cash! Lots of times there is no coupon even needed! And it sure feels good to be able to BLESS OTHERS out of your FREEbie Abundance.

But it gets even better! You'll learn how to master shopping at the store, check-out without embarrasment and learn how to build a stockpile for long-term success. You know what that means? You will never pay full price for something again!

Immediate Access

After you fill in you log-in info, you will be able to start watching immediately and you can comment under every lesson to interact with me for your personal situation!

Words From A Few Course Members:

~ Angel C.

Praise God, I just want to give you a huge thank you... & I think if we were in person I have to give you a hug and a kiss. I've been watching these videos, soaking it all up, and in only 3 days, I tallied up my receipts from Publix and I have got $333 worth of groceries for just $175. Glory to the king Almighty. And to you my dear sister in Christ for all your hard work helping someone like me to understand. My before picture the freezer was empty and the pantry was empty. What a burden I now feel because now I have plenty of food to feed my family.

~ Lore P.

Ok, so I've tried every coupon system there is it seems and my last one was similar except I used a BIG binder and put the inserts into a "page protector" every week.

However, this system is soooooo much more simple and easier to use!!!

~ Amanda R.

I was so thrilled when I learned how to do this a year or so ago I thought I could save money and "make it easier" for myself. LOL - I missed out on LOTS of saving. Plus, I didn't know half the information you just listed. I'm really learning!

(Yeah, I was kinda sceptical! But now I'm drinking the True Couponing Cool-Aid!) This course is great so far, and I thought I knew what I was doing....


Get a lifetime DEAL for a limited time! For the next 48 hours, I will include the Advanced Course for FREE! That means for ONE low price, you get all 40+ Lessons! Plus Lifetime Access!

For less than you'll spend to feed your family at McDonald's ONE time, you'll be able to save money for your family for years to come!

Spend Less Money,
Get More Groceries

Watch your pantry AND your wallet grow as you spend less each week on everyday expenses. Shampoo, Conditioner, Personal Products, Cleaning Supplies, Paper Products and, of course, Food too!

FREE Coupon Cutter & Date Stickers

Inside the course you will learn my tricks that save you time. As a bonus, I will mail you TWO FREE GIFTS: EXCLUSIVE True Couponing Magnetic Coupon Cutter, plus Date Tab Stickers to make organizing your coupons so easy a small child can do it for you.

Success at the Checkout!

I make it easy to implement my concepts with practical {and fun} downloads like my CHECKOUT CHEAT SHEET that'll save you aggravation and hassle! You'll actually be EXCITED to go to the checkout counter and show friends your receipts! {Nope, I am not kidding.}


Membership Never Expires!

For the price I've seen people charge for ONE Class, you have access to this information FOREVER! No monthly fees, no upgrade charges! One price includes it all! Forever.

That means you can go back and rewatch the lessons on your own schedule. PLUS, I regularly add NEW videos and downloads to keep things fresh!

Let's Do This!

Still Not Sure If This Course Is For You?

You may have dabbled with coupons in the past and thought "couponing takes too much time"

And that's true, if you don't have a clear system for using them strategically. There is so much "low hanging fruit" you can quickly save your family $1,000 just by using coupons on 10 common items (and not need to use coupons on anything else!).

This course is unique because, while I help you realize the value of using coupons, the savings don't stop there, you will learn shopping strategies that last a lifetime.

I am passionate about helping others spend the least amount of time in order to save the most money to make it easy to bless others out of your abundance. This course is designed to give you freedom to spend, while also equipping you with the knowledge to know how to find savings on every single thing you buy.

Immediate Access

After you fill in your log-in info, you will be able to start watching immediately and you can comment under every lesson to interact with me for your personal situation!