Ever have that sinking feeling when you get to the checkout register and wonder what you are going to pay? Worried you are going to overspend, again. In our first lesson, you'll learn how to avoid marketing ploys that make you overspend.

Of course, setting up a FIRM foundation won't get you anywhere if you don't know how to set up a managable system to keep you from getting overwhelmed. So on Day 2, you'll also get my tricks for checking out with a solid {super easy} plan to make it a breeze!

But it gets even better! From there you'll learn how to master shopping at the store and how to build a stockpile in order to keep this up for long-term success.  You know what that means? You will never pay full price for something again!


As the founder of the popular money saving website,, which has over 125,000 visitiors each month, I am passionate about helping families stretch their budgets and get more for their money. I know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck and feel like I'm drowning in debt.

In my own life, I have seen what a massive impact coupons can make in helping to get way more for my money and gain control of my finances. I have no doubt that this mini-course will make a difference in your life too.

Simply hit the button below to get all signed up and I'll see you in the Mini Course soon!

Your Money Saving Journey Starts Now!


~ Ray T.

"My testimony... out of necessity also... reduced monthly expenses by nearly $1,000 per month, not just with coupons, but tuning in to site like this one.

Yes, $12,000 a year over previous budgets have paid off all loans and credit cards and giving us more life at less cost. Hang in there, Friends! It works!!!"

~ Anaeli R.

"I wanted to say thank you for always posting great couponing ideas and stories.

I am a rather new couponer but I absolutely love to save. I wanted to share my recent purchase, using some of the scenarios on

This was at CVS and my total with tax before coupons for all 3 transactions = $51.21

My total OOP with taxes was $3.38.

That’s a nearly 94% savings!!!"


~ Jennifer M.

"I love your Excel 'Total Spending & Savings' spreadsheet, you are a woman after my Excel loving heart. :) I have been using this file since 2011 and thought I would share my savings with you so you know how much I really appreciate you.

My monthly grocery budget for 2 adults and a dog is $130 but I only typically spend $107 a month. I'm a "chef- want to be" so I buy unique items at times which drives up my cost but figured that is pretty good for 2.5 people, yes, the dog is my child so she's counted as a .5 :)"