Take the stress out of making meals with this exclusive Meal Plan.

Get instant access to the grocery shopping list, healthy recipes, plus the instructions to quickly put it all together and get it on the table.


Welcome To My Kitchen!

For fun we set up a camera while my husband James (and our 12 year old son, Beier) did all the cooking in 1 hour 17 seconds. Watch this 3 minute high-speed video to watch how we did it!


I hate meal planning.

But my family loves to eat (so do I).

I've found that Freezer Cooking is the solution that allows you to have meals ready to heat up so you'll be less tempted to stop off at the drive-thru on the way home from a busy day.

What if you could make 12 healthy meals (Low-Carb & Low-Fat) plus one dessert in less than 90 MINUTES in order to have dinner ready at a moment's notice?

No more drive-thru guilt because you'll have dinner READY TO GO at home every night!

No more scrambling to "figure out" what to feed your family, because in ONE cooking session (that should take you less than 90 minutes) you can have two weeks of healthy meals ready for you to simply heat up and feed your family.

All you'll need to do to get dinner on the table is pull it out of the freezer and either reheat it in a saucepan or warm it up in the oven. You could also put it in a crockpot before your day begins.

Finally you'll have a mealtime solution for those busy weeknights that will save you time, money…..and your sanity.


With ingredients costing less than $100 you'll have a weeks worth of meals that'll serve 4-6 people.

The best part is that it'll only take 60-90 minutes to make them ALL and you'll only have to reheat them during the week, no extra cooking required!

Low Carb Meatloaf

Usually Meatloaf has some kind of binding agent inside to help it stick together and feel "solid." Breadcrumbs and Oatmeal are common ones... but those add CARBS! We've found a mixture of ingredients that makes the meatloaf melt in your mouth while having the substance of "comfort food" that you already love.

Taco Casserole

This is a low fat meal that will energize you and give you an ample dose of healthy carbs to burn fat! When served at parties or potlucks you'll get rave reviews. Especially if you serve it with baked blue corn chips as scoopers!

Stuffed Peppers

Who doesn't love stuffed foods? It's like opening a mini "gift" right on your plate! And these stuffed peppers satisfy the craving of a hearty meal yet have the important balance of low fat and healthy carbs to energize your family and help you lose weight.

Beef Chili

A really good bowl of chili delivers tender beans, seasoned beef, and a savory tomato base with just enough spice to wake up your senses. We've tried to make this the most straightforward, crave-worthy chili recipe you'll find that delivers without much preparation fuss.

Pizza Casserole

When we are eating "low carb" meals the one thing we miss is PIZZA! This meal not only satisfies the cravings buy squashes it and makes you happy to step on the scale the next day (well... almost anyway!). You'll feel good, and not miss pizza AS much with this easy, delicious and satisfying meal.

Salsa Beef

This meal rounds out your week with a final energizing low fat meal your kids will surely love. Served on a bed of quinoa (yellow rice pictured for those not eating low carb) add even more protein and substance.


Included in this Make Ahead Meal Plan you'll receive:

  • Instructions to stretch your ingredients over multiple meals so you get the most for your money and NEVER WASTE FOOD.
  • Combined Grocery List to quickly shop once for all the recipes.
  • Grocery Shopping Lists and instructions for 1 week or 2 so you can choose what's works best for your families schedule.
  • Efficiently use all your ingredients so you have no waste. 
  • Step-by-step instructions to cook one week (6 meals & 1 dessert) or two weeks of meals (12 meals & 2 desserts) in 60-90 minutes total.
  • Individual instructions for each recipe.
  • Cooking, Freezing and Reheating instructions.
  • Tips for saving time when making these meals to reduce stress!


This meal plan will be delivered immediately to the email inbox you specify at checkout. You can download it and immediately go shopping and then cook right away to have your meals ready to eat!

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